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Raised Flooring Saw

Raised Access Flooring Hole Saw

Increasingly popular in commercial office buildings and computer facilities are raised access floor tiles, also known as computer floors or data center floors. The latest in our line of products is our Raised Access Floor Tile hole saw designed and tested for cutting holes in these concrete and steel floor tiles for placement of air diffusers, junction boxes and wire grommets. Capable of cutting through floor tiles such as Tate® and Maxcess®, this saw replaces the jigsaw commonly used, producing quick, clean and professional results. We carry many popular sizes in stock, such as...

Size Product  
4-1/2" Sealeze®, Tate® BUY NOW!
127mm (5") Britmac® BUY NOW!
6-3/4" Sealeze®, Tate® BUY NOW!
8-1/4" Tate® BUY NOW!
9-1/4" Airtec® BUY NOW!

We can also manufacture a saw specifically to your size. Call us today!

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