Brazed Carbide

Designed for production drilling, the Brazed Carbide Insert hole saw is the premium choice for tough cutting materials and conditions. Unlike carbide tipped saws where small tips of carbide are brazed onto a formed tooth, the Carbide Insert saw is manufactured with individual teeth that are brazed into the body of the saw. The kerf is wider than the body of the saw which gives an amount of ‘wiggle’ room between the saw body and the material being cut. For example, in the case of cutting fiberglass, this lessens the chance of an unexpected ‘catch’ and resulting jerk of the drill motor.

We offer several tooth configurations:

  • Wood/Fiberglass – Tooth space is .70 of an inch apart. A great saw for a production or construction setting, recommended for most flat fiberglass surfaces and wood products, from plywood to large thick beams.

  • Hard plastic/Stucco – Tooth space is .50 of an inch apart.Used mainly for more abrasive materials, such as curved or uneven fiberglass surfaces,plastic, tile and some metals.

  • Tub/Spa – Tooth space is .40 of an inch apart. This saw is recommended for thick and or uneven fiberglass. Also for any application where a few more teeth are needed.

If you have questions about the best Brazed Insert saw for your application, be sure to call and ask!

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